Monday, August 28, 2017


Oh August, my favorite month. The days are still warm, but the night are cool, and most importantly dark. I'm not a white nights person, we have blackout curtains on every window.

August means also that the berry season is here, and I love berries.

At this time last year I was heavily pregnant and couldn't go, so this year I made sure to get some berry picking in my life.
First, I went picking wild blueberries with a neighbor. Wild berries are abundant and free here in Finland. You just tramp into a forest and pick away.
This is the cleaning operation. Worst part are the spiders you accidentally pick up along the berries. I froze most of these for the winter.
We have a huge red currant bush on the yard and I've been collecting and freezing those too. Then a neighbor offered that I could pick their bushes as well, since they don't eat them. So, now we have a ton of red currants.
We planted a raspberry bush on the yard two years ago, last year it made about six berries, but this year we've gotten several dozen. I have high hopes for next year! Raspberries are my favorite.
The neighbor I went with to pick blueberries, went again and because I couldn't go, had picked me all these blueberries and raspberries!

So, now we're pretty much set for berries! At least, our freezer can't take anymore. And yes, I'm thinking about getting a bigger freezer.
With those left over, I've made two of these berry quark pies. So yummy.
And juice! I'd never before made juice. Made me feel like a real homesteader! Maybe next year I'll try my hand in making jam.

I might still go pick lingonberries once their season starts and try making lingonberry juice, but we'll see. Pretty happy with this so far!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


I thought I'd quickly post my summer capsule wardrobe, before the summer is over. And yes, this is my summer capsule. Yay, Finland!

Yes, it's all black and grey (and one green thing). I like not having to do any extra thinking #breastfeedingbrain.

And yep, this is planned with breastfeeding in mind. All the tops are loose and easy to pull up to feed my baby (I were a breastfeeding top underneath).

And yes, this isn't many clothes. My life is mostly spend at home with my baby, going for a walk with the stroller, going to the grocery store or thrift stores with the baby. Simple, casual stuff.

So for this season in my life a simple, casual wardrobe is perfect.

Khaki green oversize jacket/shirt, grey 3/4 sleeve thin knit, grey wool sweater.
Grey hoodie with a zipper, black and white tribal cardigan, grey oversize hoodie.
Four dark grey and four light grey maternity tank tops with built in bra (which I wear non-stop, day and night), grey non-maternity tank top, black oversize dress.

Black skinny jeans, black skinny jeggings, four pairs of black leggings.

Black moccasins (my left leg is a bit shorter than the right, in case you were wondering), black leather handbag (although I prefer to stuff everything in my pockets), black wool hat.

And that's it! I love having just a few things that work.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


It's kind of weird that I have a craft blog, yet have never done a craft haul.

I mainly just buy yarn here and there, and maybe needles or a hook in a new size as needed, but I don't really buy things in bulk.

Well, now I did.

An online shop I buy books from, Adlibris, was having a sale on their craft products and that was the first I realized they had craft products. 

I think I went slightly insane with the amount of yarn. But hey, it was 40% off. Also, for some reason, cotton yard is really hard to find around here. I guess with the weather being what it is, Finland is all about wool. This was really nice thick cotton yarn, perfect for amigurumis. Look at those colors! I'm just dying to make some play food for the Kiddo.
Look at that. That's box with 86 different colors of wool for needle felting. Eighty-six. I got really into needle felting after Christmas last year. So far I've just made a few white stars with the help of a cookie cutter, but I have plans for more.
And then some random stuff. I've always just used hairpins as round markers, and just lamented when stitches have slid off the end of a needle, but thought maybe it was time to invest in some actual tools. Maybe. So I got a row counter, a bag of stitch markers, needle stoppers, and a 40 cm and a 60 cm cables, you can supposedly use to convert any size needles into a circular needle. These weren't even expensive, just a few Euros. 

I hope these will make knitting and crocheting even more enjoyable!
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